New band alert: InStyle meets Guards

New band alert: InStyle meets Guards

We talk Beatles memorabilia, near-arrests and surfing on the top of the tour bus with Richie James Follin from Guards...

Loved the music from our Chloe Moretz behind the scenes video? Then say hello to our latest obsession – Guards. Comprising of lead singer Richie James Follin, drummer Loren Ted Humphrey and keyboard player Kaylie Church, the band have spent their summer traveling the world, introducing their psych-rock sound at the coolest gigs and festivals they can find. We talk to Richie about Beatles memorabilia, near-arrests and surfing on the top of the tour bus…

What have been some of your favourite gigs?

I grew up going to Coachella so to play it was mind blowing. We played the Primavera Sound festival in Spain on my birthday. I walked directly off stage into the ocean with champagne and tapas. An average live performance involves guitars, smoke machines and fireworks.

Tell us about your sound…

The first single is called Ready To Go and it's guitar heavy rock. The album is a mix of influences from 60's power pop, to psych, rock, grunge, and new wave.

What's the wildest thing that's ever happened on tour?

As the only girl in the band, Kaylie puts up with a lot on tour. Especially the smell of musk. But really, anything can happen. We used to love surfing on top of our van at ridiculous speeds. One time in Canada we got into a brawl with chairs flying– it was like something out of an old Western movie. The cops came but our tour manager told them we were letting off some steam and luckily they let us go!

Tell us about your style?

Loren is really into Tom Wolfe – he thinks he is a fashion muse! Kaylie is a classic beauty, she’s always wearing new dresses, and then I just wear the same shirt every show.

And all that hair?!

There’s a pre-show preparation process - 5,000 brush strokes of course! We all have long hair but Kaylie’s is still the longest.

What did you do before you became a member of Guards?

I worked in a Beatles memorabilia shop! Kaylie worked in films and Loren worked a screen printing company. If the band hadn’t happened my back up plan would be to become a media tycoon! CL

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