5 Times Natalie Dormer Gave Us *Fist Pump* Female Goals

5 Times Natalie Dormer Gave Us *Fist Pump* Female Goals

She's gorgeous. She's talented. She isn't afraid to call BS on anything...

Natalie Dormer is some woman.

Game of Thrones queen, marathon runner and now recipient of the 2016 Women In Film Max Mara Face of the Future Award®, Natalie Dormer is fast becoming one of Britain's bona fide lady talents, and we couldn't be more thrilled for her.

Sure, we all wax lyrical about GoT co-star Emilia Clarke's badass Mother of Dragons shtick, but there's no doubt that Natalie's Margaery Tyrell is the unsung Seven Kingdoms rose to be reckoned with. And this on-screen fem power is definitely present in Miss Dormer when she isn't commanding Kings Landing - in real life, the 34-year-old actress is fifty shades of awesome.

Here's why...

1. No regrets

Landing a role in lavish drama The Tudors back in 2007 (playing THE best queen Anne Boleyn) meant a plethora of nude scenes for the then aspiring actress; a history that Natalie accepts as part of her journey.

‘When I started my career, I was grateful to get the job,’ she told ES Magazine. ‘People would say, “The Tudors was so hyper-sexualised, why on earth would you make that decision?” Well, I made the decision because I was unemployed. 

'I didn’t know what The Tudors was going to be, I didn’t have all ten scripts; I’d just got a job, for f***’s sake.’

2. THAT haircut

Natalie's hardcore undercut she wore when playing kickass rebel Cressida in The Hunger Games franchise was a far cry from her usual tumbling tresses. And it rocked.

3. She runs marathons

She has run the London Marathon twice, and has clocked times in under 4 hours on both occasions. Impressive.

4. She's totally in tune with Queen Margaery

Unlike some of the other female Game of Thrones characters, Natalie's Margery Tyrell is a bit of an unsung feminist icon, being that she has a strategy that she's sticking too - and Nat is ALL about that. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly earlier in the year she said:

'Over the five years that I've played Margaery we've seen her in a lot of sticky situations, but she's never been out of her depth.'

If by 'sticky' she means Joffrey Baratheon...

5. She'll shoot you down

During last year's New York Comic Con, Natalie shot down an interviewer who asked her about looking like Denise the Pig from The Muppets (yes really, who ARE these people?!), a comparison thrown up by those nasty people on the internet.

Handling the (uh, insulting?) comment like an absolute boss, Natalie turned the shade on it's head by admitting that being teased about having a 'piggy nose' has in turn helped her work out her demons - something she'd discussed with the GoT writers in relation to her character on the show.

She ended with:

'So that's the answer to your question, I'd already made the comparison to my nostrils with a pig, so I mean I can't really argue about it then.'



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