Naomi Campbell Charged Guests To Go To Her Birthday Party - Here's Six Things That Would Make It Worth The Cash

Naomi Campbell Charged Guests To Go To Her Birthday Party - Here's Six Things That Would Make It Worth The Cash

Naomi Campbell charged guests to join her star-studded bash – but what would make you part with your hard-earned cash?

Naomi Campbell, as far as we can tell, is not short of cash. International supermodel, TV star (we’re loving her character on Empire), with a Naomi Campbell Parfum line to boot. So why oh why would she charge guests a hefty admission fee to her 45th birthday in the South of France?

None of Naomi’s celebrity guests were asked to cough up, with Leo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner and Mary J Blige all whisked to the front of the line. ‘200 close personal friends’ aside, the invite allegedly released to promote the event revealed other VIPs could pay their way into the Cannes birthday bash, dropping $1,800 to mingle with confirmed guests like Kate Moss and Rihanna at the open bar.

Those who did choose to part with their cash to attend the party wound up disappointed, as many of Naomi’s named BFFs failed to turn up. On top of this, the birthday girl arrived fashionably late, making her entrance a whole three hours after the party started at 9pm, sharing multiple snaps of the night on Instagram and Twitter.

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Lets get our facts straight before we mess with the infamously feared supermodel; a rep for Naomi has assured everyone that the money paid to attend the birthday is not going towards Naomi’s enviable wardrobe. Instead, the price was a donation to Naomi’s charity, Fashion for Relief. They continued to state that the invitation doing the rounds was ‘unofficial and incorrect’, naming names that were never confirmed to celebrate Naomi’s special day at the Chateau Saint Jeannet venue.

If we paid $1,800 for a Naomi Campbell party, we’d expect a lot more than a drop-in appearance and slice of Victoria sponge. Here are six scenes we’d need to see to make the event worth our hard-earned cash.

1. We’re going to need to see a serious guest list. Liam Gallagher, Kate Moss, Rihanna and Snoop Dogg are absolute essentials, and we’d love to mingle with the supermodel contingent.

2. That bar better be open. For $1,800, we expect more than a few free glasses of bubbly. If there’s enough for Naomi to pour all over her birthday cake, there’s enough for tipple on-tap.

4. We’ll keep that cake for desert. The macaroon masterpiece was pretty impressive, but for this price we want a three-course meal beforehand. Bread rolls included.

5. The WALK. Whether walking in, stumbling out or just popping to the ladies room, at some point throughout the night we need to see Naomi strut her stuff.

6. It’s her party, and she’ll scream if she wants to. By the end of the night, we want at least one Naomi meltdown. 

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