Why We All Cried When Nadiya Won Bake Off

Why We All Cried When Nadiya Won Bake Off

Nadiya was the clear winner of Wednesday's Great British Bake Off final. Here's why.

What a cracking two hours of TV we enjoyed last night. Dr Foster might have reached a dramatic climax - as millions of people all over the country shouted 'take that bastard down!' from their sofas - but before all that we tuned in to watch Ian, Tamal and Nadiya battle it out in the Great British Bake Off final. 

Paul Hollywood described it as the 'best-tasting Bake Off final ever' and even declared Ian's carrot cake to be the best he'd ever tasted. Meanwhile Tamal got busy with the spun sugar to create a triple masterpiece of sticky toffee pudding cakes which delighted Mary. 

But it was Nadiya who triumphed over all of them when she served up a saree wedding cake so neat it looked like it had been moulded from stone, and so delicious Paul looked a little bit lost for words. 

No talent show packs the sort of heart-warming punch as Bake Off. And in so many ways Nadiya was the perfect Bake Off winner. Before her triumph was announced, we saw clips of her home life as a busy mother-of-three and her husband admitting that entering Bake Off was "the first thing she's ever done for herself."

Unlike previous winners, Nadiya's baking skills were far from perfect when she entered the competition. While the meticulous stay-at-home Dad Ian - arguably the other big favourite to win - took star baker in the first three weeks, Nadiya came bottom of the technical challenge in week one. 

But over the weeks Nadiya's star rose as she became surer of her skills. In last night's final she won a tricky technical challenge (Paul's favourite mille-feuille or 'thousand layer' pastry dish) before triumphing with a saree-themed wedding cake, which she was inspired to make after her cake-free wedding in Bangladesh. 

So naturally there wasn't a dry eye in the house when the judges finally awarded Nadiya the Great British Bake Off winning prize. But probably the most telling reaction to her win came from Mary Berry, whose usual reserve crumbled when she broke down in tears and had to dart off camera. 

Congrats Nadiya! 

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