How Uber Fit Are You? Find Out In Five Quick Clicks

How Uber Fit Are You? Find Out In Five Quick Clicks

How to find out your Uber rating? The app just made things SO much easier

Uber, we love you. Whether we’re cruising home on a Saturday night or are literally just too lazy to walk to our friend’s house, you’re (almost) always there for us.

But just like waiting for exam results, we’ve been pretty anxious about the magic number drivers give us after we very nearly made a mess in the back of the Uber, or were totally #sorrynotsorry about blasting Justin Bieber through the Spotify speakers.

Your personal Uber rating (you know how you rate drivers after your ride? Yeah, they do that to you too) has, until now, been something you’d have to e-mail customer support to know – and let’s be realistic, who has the time (or bravery) to do that. But now? Uber’s latest update means you can easily find out your score out of 5, in just 5 quick clicks.

Here’s how to find out your Uber rating...

1. Open Uber (obviously) and tap the menu button in the top left-hand corner
2. Click ‘Help’
3. Go to ‘Account’
4. Scroll down to ‘I’d like to know my rating’
5. Take a deep breath and hit ‘Submit’

So, what’s your number? Here’s how Team InStyle measure up…

Isabella Silvers, Digital Intern
4.38 - One driver seemed absolutely appalled by my Uber rating, asking me ‘why is it so low?!’. 4.38 out of 5 isn’t that bad, is it?!

Rebecca Gillam, Digital Assistant: 4.27

Emma Hargadon, Fashion Assistant: 4.48 - I do cancel a lot…

Katie Tucker, Editorial Assistant: 4.46 – no funny stories from me, but my Dad ended up in a Uber Pool in LA without knowing, and was pretty scared when two American football players jumped in each side of him

Chloe Mac Donnell, Fashion And Features Writer: 4.64 – I think it's comes down to the Irish charm

Hannah Lewis, Senior Fashion Assistant: 4.38

Elise Hall, Producer And Bookings Editor: 4.79 – all my drivers tell me how high my rating is

Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor: 4.94 – I don’t get Uber a lot…

Phoebe Sing, Deputy Art Director: 4.62

Charlie Hall, Senior Picture Editor: 4.5

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