Beauty and the Beast
Disney fans all over the world were ecstatic when Emma Watson was cast as Belle in Disney’s live action remake, set to fall in love with Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens as the Beast. But after months of painful speculation, we FINALLY have our first look at Emma Watson in the film. We warn you, it's more teaser than trailer... Watch it below

This is not a drill! We are TOO excited for the all-female reboot of this ghoulish classic, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. And now, we've been treated to a sneaky peek of what Chris Hemsworth's character Kevin will be bringing to the team.

A 'big dumb puppy dog' the Hems's receptionist Kevin is bringing both the crumpet and the larfs. Check out the teaser featurette below. We seriously cannot wait to see this on the big screen.

Will Spider-Man be the same without Tobey Maguire?! We've already had time to deal with the fact there will be a brand new Peter Parker (hello, Wolf Hall's Tom Holland), but we're SO excited about Zendaya's casting in the as-yet untitled film. Zendaya is definitely in a lead role, with rumours saying she'll play a character called Michelle, and probably won't be Peter's lady. She's too badass to just play a love interest, anyway… The film is due out in July 2017, so we'll bring more details as we have them!


Cruel Intentions
The film that saw Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar battle it out for Ryan Phillippe's affections might be a (not quite) '00s classic, but the dark drama is getting a 2016 reboot, due to show on America's NBC. Set 15 years after the original film, the TV show will follow Bash Casey, the son of Annette and the late Sebastian. There's also a "strong female aunt", who has a close relationship with Bash. With the promise of sex, money, secrets and lies, this looks like a must-watch series, especially now Sarah Michelle Gellar has confirmed her return. Reese Witherspoon is definitely not coming back, but her replacement, Kate Levering, is confirmed.  

Cruel Intentions

The Jungle Book
Not one, but TWO Jungle Book remakes are currently in the works, with Warner Bros and Disney going head to head in 2016. Disney have bagged Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba, Bill Murray and Lupita Nyong’o, competing against the Warner cast in Jungle Book: Origins includes Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Gollum (aka Andy Serkis). Catch the brand new Disney trailer below.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The costumes, the songs, the DRAMA! The Rocky Horror remake just landed its Eddie, and he's perfect. Adam Lambert (American Idol runner up and current Queen frontman) will take on the role in the two hour TV special, while Laverne Cox will play Dr. Frank N Furter. Victoria Justice and Ryan McCartan will take on Janet and Brad in a reboot of the 1975 cult classic.


A Star Is Born

We admit it, we had to Google the title of this cinematic classic, but as soon as we heard Beyoncé had signed on we were seriously interested. Directed by Bradley Cooper, the film is a rock musical telling the story of a young singer trying to find fame, and would be the fourth reboot of the film originally released in 1937. Nothing has been confirmed so far, but a possible release date could be 2017. 

We're not going to lie, the BFG terrified us a little bit when we first saw it. Giants roaming the streets as we sleep?! Pretty scary stuff. Now, Roald Dahl's cartoon classic has been remade as a live action film, out in July 2016, and the trailer doesn't actually look that bad (it is directed by Steven Speilberg...). Watch it below.   


Dirty Dancing
It's official! Dirty Dancing is getting a reboot - but for the small screen?! US TV channel ABC (that's a lot of initials...) have just confirmed a three-hour remake of the cult dance flick, with a pretty unexpected actress in the lead role. Abigail Breslin has just been confirmed to take over the role of Baby, originally played by Jennifer Grey. We still can't get over her transformation from Little Miss Sunshine's Olive to Chanel #5 in Scream Queens! Now this?! Debra Messing has also signed on to the flick.

Charlie's Angels
First 1970, then 2000, now 2016?! Charlie's Angels is officially getting it's third reboot in the next couple of years, with Pitch Perfect's Elizabeth Banks in talks to direct. We all remember Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore taking on the tough trio, but who will fill their heeled boots next? Time will tell... 

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins without Julie Andrews?! A new nanny might be hard to picture for fans of the original 1964 film, but who will be spooning out the sugar this time? Anne Hathaway might have been the original favourite for the lead role, but it looks like Emily Blunt is likely to take on Ms Poppins instead. 

Jumanji is a 90s cult classic, telling the tale of a 12-year-old boy who gets trapped in a board game. We didn’t think you could get much better than the original, but Sony seemed to disagree, slating a remake for 2017. Robin Williams fans will be waiting to hear who will bag the late actor's lead role. 

And as if that's not enough, check out these confirmed celebrities signed on for sequels, too.