These Mollie King Pictures Will Give You Serious Holiday Envy...

These Mollie King Pictures Will Give You Serious Holiday Envy...

Can we get on a plane already?!

We're feeling pretty jealous of Mollie King right now.

Not only does she have a wardrobe packed with gorgeous clothes and an insanely hot boyfriend (oh hi there, David Gandy!), she's just jetted off for a break in the sun.

And judging by the pictures she's been sharing with fans, her holiday looks pretty awesome.

Although Mollie hasn't revealed exactly where in the world she is, she announced she was leaving the UK by sharing a pretty selfie captioned: 'Let's go Eskimo...'

Keen to let her admirers know that she'd landed safely at her destination, she followed this with a scenic shot of a palm tree standing tall against the bright blue sky .

You're starting to feel envious too now, right?! If not, you will be when you see Mollie's bikini body. 

In a series of photos, which show the singer rocking a neon two piece with chic twisted straps, her super defined stomach is impossible to miss. 

Mollie - who's been sunbathing and jet skiing while abroad - must have been working pretty hard to get a sculpted 6-pack like that.

'Digging the hot abs, Mollie, but lovin' that smile just as much,' one Instagram fan commented, while another added: 'Bayjesus you're looking well, Mollie.'

A third exclaimed: 'Bloody wish I was away in the sun and a tummy like this.' 

Earlier this year, Mollie revealed that she stays in shape by attending Bodyism classes a couple of times a week. If her schedule stops her from going, she hits her local gym with David.

The thought of having to don Lycra and a sports bra in front of that dreamboat is surely enough to push anyone to work harder?!  

It seems as though stepping up her exercise regime has given Mollie a major confidence boost.

'You might be surprised to know I’m not that comfortable showing off my body,' she shyly told Women's Health back in 2013.

'I’m very self conscious in a bikini and I’d never get my tummy out on stage.'

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