Miranda Kerr Tells Us What REALLY Goes On At A Victoria's Secret Show

Miranda Kerr Tells Us What REALLY Goes On At A Victoria's Secret Show
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Australian model Miranda Kerr spent eight years as a Victoria's Secret Angel before finally hanging up her wings in 2013. Here, in an exclusive diary extract from the 2012 show, she gives us a glimpse of life behind the scenes in the run-up to the most high profile fashion show on earth.

They call it the "Super Bowl of fashion shows": a lavish, televised extravaganza, costing an estimated £7 million and watched by 11 million viewers in 185 different countries around the world. And if the Victoria's Secret show is the Super Bowl, then its star players are the the Angels.

Even if you've never watched it, you'll know who they are: the siren-haired glamazons blowing kisses at the end of a confetti-strewn runway, perfect bodies trussed up in some of the most far-fetched lingerie looks imaginable: jewelled bustiers worn with 6ft feathered wings, lacy knickers attached to giant orchids, billowing silk capes and briefs adorned with dramatic feathery bustles.

These women aren't nameless lingerie models, but stars in their own right, whose strut down the runway is serenaded by some of the biggest popstars on the planet: Kanye West, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber. Want to know what it's really like behind all that glitz and razzmatazz? Here is ex-Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr's behind the scenes diary from the 2012 show...

Day 1


"I'm up early for rehearsal day. I'm pretty consistent with my morning exercise regime, but I step it up closer to the show, mixing yoga and Pilates with strength and resistance training. After my workout, brilliant New York facialist Mzia Shiman comes to the apartment to give me an hour-long oxygen facial, so my skin's looking its best. Then I put on a denim Isabel Marant shirt, leather Margiela shorts, a metallic T-shirt by Scanlan and Marant cowboy boots."


"I catch a cab to the show venue on Lexington Avenue. After lunch, I've got a TV interview with Bruno Mars - who's performing tomorrow - so I have full make-up done when I arrive. I don't usually wear much, just blush and a little lip tint. I keep my complexion looking fresh throughout the day by dotting lip balm across my cheekbones. And, as my grandma taught me, if you don't have any blusher handy, just pinch!"


"Time for lunch. First, let me bust the myth for you - there is no Victoria's Secret diet we ALL follow. However, I am a qualified health coach, so I'm mindful of what I put into my body, sticking to food that's tailored to my blood type (A): low-GI, high-alkaline, with plenty of fresh vegetables and a little meat. Today, I grab a garlic spinach with Turkey meatballs from a place nearby called GustOrganics. I have a protein shake with me for when my energy levels dip and snack on a green apple and some almonds. I'm not healthy all the time, I do have splurges - it's about being 80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent indulgent."


"Justin Bieber arrives to go through his routine. We're waiting for our rehearsal slot so I watch him do his thing, while catching up with the other girls. It's so rare that we're all together in the same place. Adriana [Lima]'s been an amazing friend to me over the years. When I was secretly pregnant, I kept mining her for information. Doutzen [Kroes] and I were pregnant at the same time and both craved chips - everyone was like 'Miranda, what's going on? You don't eat fries!'"


"It's time to 'wing up' for the second round of rehearsals. We practise getting used to their weight and I give the Nicholas Kirkwood heels I'm walking in a test run. Last year, my ribbon-tied shoe came undone ON the runway. Justin has gone home so Steve the lighting guy lip-synchs in his place, he gets a massive round of applause!"


"I go for a light Jimmy Coco spray tan to give me a glow for tomorrow. Then a friend who's amazing at osteopathic alignment is in town and comes to my apartment to give me a session. It was a toss-up between that or reflexology, which I regret now because my feet are killing me!"

Day 2


"It's show day! I meant to get a good night's sleep, but got distracted by emails about my skincare line Kora Organics. My evening is their morning so I'm often up late checking things. I do a good 45 minute workout with lots of yoga, then have an egg, an avocado and a slice of gluten-free toast for breakfast before heading to the show venue."


"We go up to our dressing room in our dressing gown to have our hair and make-up done. It's a really buzzy atmosphere, with an army of beauty people, plus dozens of TV crews and journalists. We'll do the show twice today: the first is mainly for friends and family; the second, for press and guests."


"Ed Razek [the show's executive producer] comes backstage to give the Angels his pre-show pep talk, then it's a countdown to the start. The energy is pretty electric. I feel quite calm, right up until the moment I hear someone say 'and go, Miranda', then my stomach flips over. It's totally different to a normal catwalk show. We wave and smile at the audience. There's so much going on - circus acts, elaborate stage sets, the works." 


"The second show's finished, so it's after-party time! We get changed and jump into cars to the Lavo bar on East 58th Street. I'm wearing a Balmain dress, which I've had taken down an inch as it's quite short, and Jimmy Choos. I'm not normally much of a party girl, but tonight's a special occasion and Alessandra [Ambrosio]'s always fun to have a dance with!"


"Home and bed! I've been working solidly for the past ten days, so I'm planning a very quiet day tomorrow - no meetings or shoots, just hanging out with Flynn."

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