Mini Viva – a new pop duo that’s cool (seriously!)

Mini Viva – a new pop duo that’s cool (seriously!)
Rick Guest

We predicted Pixie Lott would be hot, hot, hot (see her big fashion shoot in August’s InStyle), and now we present to you - Mini Viva. These girls will be H.U.G.E.

Female pop duos have had a bad rep (we're still trying not to gag on the cheesy aftertaste left by The Reynolds Girls and Pepsi and Shirley). But fear not dear reader - Mini Viva is literally the most fabulous new pop duo in, well, forever.

Mancunian Frankee Connolly (19) and Geordie Britt Love (20), are the girls with the lungs and the poptastic tunes.

With the weight of the Xenomania production team (who've worked with Sugababes, Girls Aloud and Kylie) and a management team comprising Simon Fuller and his team at 19 (the Beckhams, the Spice Girls) behind them, we don't need to be remotely psychic to predict their success.

Need more convincing? Their first disco-fabulous single Left my Heart in Tokyo is catchier than swine flu. Take a look at the video here:

"It's brilliant and as soon as we'd recorded it we new we had our sound," says Frankee. "It worked."

And we've actually witnessed the girls in action - singing live, with a band and everything - at a showcase on Monday. Not only can they really belt out a tune, but we also want the name of their stylist, pronto.

Alas, we have to wait until 7 September for the single release, followed by another single and album in November. But when you're jumping around the dancefloor like a wild thing to their tunes, you'll be grateful for our tip off...

Danielle Hine

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