Miley Cyrus mania hits London

Miley Cyrus mania hits London

Teen queen Miley Cyrus brought Leicester Square to a standstill as hoards of screaming fans turned up for the UK premiere of Hannah Montana: The Movie.

"It's amazing just having my own film, and my own premiere. You know, I never ever imagined that this would be possible," an awestruck Miley told InStyle on the red carpet. "British fans are the best fans in the world."

With some of those fans having waited for over eight hours (do they not have school to go to?!) the crowds were kept well entertained by a herd of hoedown dancing cow girls (and the odd cowboy) decked out in Hannah Montana gear, and charging up and down the purple and orange carpet. 

But if the 16-year-old starlet is not yet someone you've familiarised yourself with then perhaps this is a face you should learn to love - because it seems we're going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of our mate Miley in the near future. 

"Oh this is really exciting," she said at the premiere. "Literally just now, while I was on the red carpet, I found out that I'll be touring the UK in December!" Yup, so brace yourself for more Miley madness later on in the year. With the film out 1 May, and a single and album release not far behind, trust us when we warn that - against your better judgement - you may find yourself "doing the Hoedown Throwdown" any day now… (Give it a few weeks and you'll know what we mean. Her new single is beyond infectious.)

The starlet hit the premiere armed with her trusty home video camera, so look out for her version of events on

By Sarah Karmali

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