So This Is What Michelle Obama Talks About When She's Having Her Hair Done...

So This Is What Michelle Obama Talks About When She's Having Her Hair Done...

The First Lady's stylist has revealed what they gossip about in the salon.

Have you ever wondered just what Michelle Obama might discuss when she’s having her hair done?

Well you’re in luck as the man behind her marvellous mane has revealed exactly what they chat about when she sits down to have her locks trimmed. 

'[We talk about] so many different things! Pop culture, some political conversations,' Johnny Wright told one follower during a Twitter takeover of US publication Page 6's account.

'It’s really enlightened and educated me.'

We can hardly say we're surprised, Michelle's known for delivering extremely strong and inspirational messages pretty much every time she speaks.

Take her recent talk on girls' education at a London school as an example. The teenage pupils were postively captivated when the mum-of-two stated: 'I'm here because when I look out at all of these young women, I see myself. In some ways your story is my story.'

Another fan was desperate to know how the 47-year-old always manages to look preened to perfection with bouncy blow-outs and delicate updos when she's hitting the road all the time on official business. 

Michelle even sported a heavy fringe back in 2013 and we all know how much maintenace bangs can take...

Johnny's answer: 'She has a hairstylist that has moved across the country to be with her. The answer is ME!'

Jealous much?! We'd do pretty much anything to have a star snipper on speed dial. 

When it comes to choosing a new style, the hairdresser also revealed that Michelle's not shy about expressing her opinion, whether good or bad.

'She's just like any other client,' he quipped. 'We're not gonna always be on the same page.' 

What else did we learn about the US President's wife during Johnny's social media spree?

She's very witty, fun and loves to dance too, apparently...



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