Who Is Melania Trump Anyway? 11 Things You Need To Know

Who Is Melania Trump Anyway? 11 Things You Need To Know

Former model (of course she is) and first lady but there's more to Melania than you think. Here's a few things to really get the Trump chat going.


1. She’s from Slovenia

Originally known as Melanija Knavs, and then Melania Knauss (best drop that extra ‘j’ and change your surname so as not to confuse those Americans, right?), she grew up in the small industrial town of Sevnica in an eight-story building in what was then communist former-Yugoslavia. Her father was a car dealer and her mother worked in a textile factory, so humble beginnings compared to her current life.

2. She’s only 46

That’s 24 years younger than her husband. Still, we can see why she married him: good looks, great hair, staunch feminist, excellent views on immigration. Oh, hang on… She actually recently claimed that she was attracted to him for ‘his mind. His amazing mind’. Nothing to do with all that money, then?

3. She’s Trump’s third wife

Melania married Donald Trump in 2005. He has previous marriages with the Czech model Ivana Trump and American actress Marla Maples. So only one of his wives isn’t an immigrant? Hmmm...

4. She is a former model

Melania started modelling at the age of 16. Her career took her to Milan and Paris but she moved to New York in 1996 where she was to meet her future husband. He is said to have asked for her phone number at a party in Manhattan.

5. She has appeared on the covers of many well-known magazines

She’s also worked with renowned photographers Helmut Newton, Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier.

6. She and Trump have a son together

Barron, Donald Trump’s fifth child (he has three children from his marriage to Ivana, and one from Marla) was born in 2006, just over a year after the couple got married. Shortly before he was born, Melania was photographed for Vogue in a gold bikini on the steps of Trump’s private jet. Classy.

7. She looks great in bodycon

Never underestimate the importance of the first lady to rock a good dress. You’d think that civilisation had moved on further than to judge the wife of a potential world leader merely on her appearance, but sadly not. Three words: Michelle Obama’s arms.


8. She doesn’t need a nanny

Woah! She does all that mom stuff all by herself! She doesn’t cook though; she has a personal chef for that #priorities

9. She speaks 5 languages

English, French, Serbian, German and her native Slovenian. She also took a degree in design and architecture, so is clearly a clever lady.

10. She has great hair

See point 7

11. She knows the secret to a happy marriage

Apparently it is this: separate bathrooms. So she never has to hear Donald, err, trump.

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