Everyone likes Great British Bake Off — it’s really just a case of having watched it or not. There’s nothing not to like — a group of people getting ridiculously emotional over a ‘good bake’. It’s easy watching at its easiest.

That’s why the whole of Britain is up in arms about, first, the news that BBC has lost the rights and it’s moving to Channel 4 (with all the adverts) and, secondly, the arguably bigger news that presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins won’t be moving with it.

The duo split opinion; some find them the most annoying people on the planet and others love them, but everyone can agree that they’re a pretty vital part of GBBO. Who's going to do the innuendos now?

Read: Mel and Sue’s statement in the Great British Bake Off 2016 news

As we mourn the loss of Bake Off as we know it, we look back at Mel and Sue’s best moments…

'Bakers, we’re all going to France. Not literally. We don’t have the budget.’  - Sue

‘Paul Hollywood is obsessed with dispersal of chunks. It’s all he cares about. – Sue

‘Let’s get the semis on.’ - Sue

‘I’ve got a real treat for you. Tasty, beautiful, unmistakably French…’ - Sue
‘Is it Thierry Henry?’ - Mel
‘No, he’s still safe in my basement. It’s Patisserie Week.’ - Sue

‘Keep your biscuits erect... you've got four hours to do so’ - Sue

‘Rob, stop touching up that octopus’- Sue

‘You don’t wear as much hair gel as the other Paul, which is a relief to us.’ - Mel

‘Think palmier, think lattice, think pin-wheel. But mainly, think massive horn’- Sue

‘Stand away from your hot baps’ – Mel

‘I always serve gin and tonic with just a little bit of regret.’  - Sue

‘Stop fiddling with your pirates’ – Sue

‘That oven’s doing lovely things to your hair, Marie. It’s like being at a Rod Stewart gig.’ - Mel

‘Stop touching your dough balls’ – Sue

‘This is the first time in 30 years that I’m actually going to use my Modern Language degree. Please don’t judge me. Ne judgez pas.’ - Mel

‘OK bakers, just two minutes until we release the man-gorilla that is Paul Hollywood.’ - Sue

‘Otherwise it’s just a ginger dick’ - Sue

‘This is the first time in 30 years that I’m actually going to use my Modern Language degree. Please don’t judge me. Ne judgez pas.’ – Mel

‘You’ve got two-and-a-half hours to go cocoa loco.’ – Sue

‘The following signature challenge has been assessed by the Double Entendre Police and I’m delighted to inform you that Paul and Mary would love you to make cream horns. And there’s nothing fun to say about that whatsoever’ – Sue

‘Bakers, 10 minutes and this little bird will have flaouna.’ - Mel

‘I’ve never eaten a nun before’- Sue

‘Time to stop fiddling with Charlotte now’- Sue

‘Get those lady’s fingers soggy’- Sue

‘Let me get this straight. You’re basing your classic British cake on an abandoned ancient Chinese fishing village? I love you.’ - Sue

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‘OK bakers, mourn the horn because in a minute, it’s gorn.’ - Sue