‘I’ve Never Voted And I Don’t Have Any Desire To’: Is Meghan Trainor's View Justifiable?

‘I’ve Never Voted And I Don’t Have Any Desire To’: Is Meghan Trainor's View Justifiable?

Team InStyle debates...

In Meghan Trainor’s cover interview with Billboard, amongst other things, she spoke about voting.

The 22-year-old singer said: ‘I should be way more aware, and if it was [Clinton] or Trump, I'd definitely vote for her […] But I've never voted and I don't have any desire to.’

Team InStyle debates whether her view is justified…

Yes – by Amie-Jo Locke

Ok. Let me begin this argument ‘for’ by stating that I vote. I voted in our EU Referendum, and I am a staunch believer in the belief that women died for our right to vote, so it’s our duty as women to honour those suffragette lives by voting… But.

One thing Brexit has taught me, is that a misinformed vote isn’t necessarily a good vote.

Our media was flooded in the days post-s*** storm about UK citizens experiencing ‘voters remorse’ after witnessing the cause and effect of leaving Europe: the pound plummeting in value (yep, bye bye week away in Tenerife), and the slew of gross racial attacks.

Add to that the momentous event of Brexit figureheads Nige’ and Boris legging it off (unscathed) into the Surrey sunset after throwing a lot of big bloody rocks in Britain’s political greenhouse, and suddenly you’ve got an awful lot of voters thinking ‘erm, I think I made a mistake’. Those without any realistic sense about what WOULD happen if we left Europe, shouldn’t have voted at all in my opinion.

It appears from Meghan’s Billboard interview that she isn’t really informed about Republican/Democrat policies, meaning that if she did cast a ballot, she wouldn’t necessarily feel the repercussions of her actions. Like our ‘meh’ Remain voters, Meghan’s contribution may only serve the forces of evil (i.e. Trump). People that say ‘my vote doesn’t count’ make me mad. Of course it counts. Ignorance and malaise are the reasons the UK is in such a mess right now.

Surely, if you don’t care either way, voting for the sake of it is just downright irresponsible?

One final thought. Ultimately, this is Meghan’s decision, and in many ways I admire her for voicing her opinion. She and we live in democratic countries after all… for now.

No - by Rebecca Gillam

When I read Meghan Trainor’s quotes, I found them pretty eye roll-inducing. Disappointing, really. She’s a role model for young people and — even if she wasn’t — I don’t think a shrugging disregard for not voting, or not being clued up enough to vote, is that acceptable or even particularly understandable.

She says she ‘should be way more aware’ and obviously bad things come from people voting without knowing enough. Take Brexit — that was (/is) a nightmare, with Leave voters U-turning just hours after the results came in. I’m not saying people should go rogue in the polling booth, they should just find out about it. 

Meghan has spoken out about LGBTQ rights and gun control (albeit the view that ‘it's ridiculous that random crazy people can buy guns’), so it’s not that she’s totally unaware. I find it hard to understand genuinely taking against those issues and then not voting for who’s in power as the things are so obviously and intrinsically linked.

It’s up to individuals what they want to do, but if you’ve got an informed opinion then I say register and vote. As a female I always find voting quite emotional (which is not my general state of being), thinking about how women in the alarmingly recent future fought for our right — and the prospect of younger generations saying they ‘don’t have any desire’ to vote just seems like an ignorant slap in the face.

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