1) One where Gretchen tries to convince the girls to invent their own lingo: "What's That Word? Fetch!"

2) The halloween costume song: "just add ears to your lin-ge-rie!"

3) A painful solo piece about turning up to the party as a zombie bride - with an "On My Own" from Les Miserables vibe

4) "Style it out!" - a rousing number about turning a wardrobe sabotage on its head

5) The "OMG The Fire Sprinklers Ruined Our Hair" song

6) A 'sexy' dance number from Regina's embarrassing mother called "Cool Mum"

7) (With lots of background hair flicking from Regina)

8) A slow song about the terrible struggles of teenage friendship, set to strings

9) The "You Can Wear Any Colour... So Long As It's Pink!" song

10) A massive group dance scene at the prom (a la Grease)

11) A 'Raindrops On Roses' number from the crazy lady

12) And (of course) the final "Being Bitchy Doesn't Pay" song

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A Mean Girls Reunion Happened And It Was Awesome