Mean Girls The Musical Is Happening! Here's 12 Of Our Very Own Song Ideas

It's over ten years since the totally genius Mean Girls hit cinemas. Now, with a spin-off musical officially in the pipeline, here's 12 songs we think they should include in the Broadway version (you can pay us later, Tina Fey).

1) One where Gretchen tries to convince the girls to invent their own lingo: "What's That Word? Fetch!"

2) The halloween costume song: "just add ears to your lin-ge-rie!"

3) A painful solo piece about turning up to the party as a zombie bride - with an "On My Own" from Les Miserables vibe

4) "Style it out!" - a rousing number about turning a wardrobe sabotage on its head

5) The "OMG The Fire Sprinklers Ruined Our Hair" song

6) A 'sexy' dance number from Regina's embarrassing mother called "Cool Mum"

7) (With lots of background hair flicking from Regina)

8) A slow song about the terrible struggles of teenage friendship, set to strings

9) The "You Can Wear Any Colour... So Long As It's Pink!" song

10) A massive group dance scene at the prom (a la Grease)

11) A 'Raindrops On Roses' number from the crazy lady

12) And (of course) the final "Being Bitchy Doesn't Pay" song

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