Matthew Williamson launches London boudoir with Cat Deeley

Matthew Williamson launches London boudoir with Cat Deeley

Designer Matthew Williamson interviewed Cat Deeley at the launch of the Häagen-Dazs Boudoir in London

While celebs including Donna Air, Lisa Snowdon and Bip Ling supped champagne, long-term friends Matthew Williamson and Cat Deeley played interviewer and interviewee for the launch of London’s coolest new space, the Häagen-Dazs Boudoir.


Linked via live satellite to Cat’s LA office, Matthew took to the mic to quiz Cat on her style, key tips and her contribution to the overall look and feel of the Boudoir.

Having hand-selected some of her favourite furnishings and filling the walk-in-wardrobe with her own designer pieces, Cat said of the Boudoir: “I wanted it to be super luxurious but also with a bit of an edge. Very luxurious and feminine at the same time.”

On being asked her key style tips, Cat said: “Firstly, don’t emulate any one else’s style – make it completely your own, take inspiration from all different places but use it with a bit of imagination and make the style your own. Second, always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing – if you feel comfortable you’ll be confident.”


When Matthew asked Cat her style tips for next season, Cat responded: “I don’t think I don’t think I’ve got them for next season – that is too far ahead! Don’t you have any tips, Matthew?”

Although Matthew didn’t give any style tips for next season, he did let on that for the SS12 collection: “I’m feeling very Japanese at the moment.”

So keep your kimonos from this season ladies!


You can book the Häagen-Dazs Boudoir for any girlie occasion, whether it’s a birthday or just an excuse to have a good time. Book online via Facebook.

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