Marilyn Monroe’s NYC Apartment Can Now Be Yours For A Not-So-Small Fortune

Marilyn Monroe’s NYC Apartment Can Now Be Yours For A Not-So-Small Fortune

Can you imagine a pad dreamier than Marilyn Monroe’s self-dubbed ‘sanctuary’? Nope, we can’t either…

Marilyn Monroe may have been a founding member of the Hollywood elite but when she wasn’t soaking up those Cali rays, you would find her in New York City – more specifically, in this gorgeous home.

And now, for a seriously cool £17,200 a month, you can rent yourself a slice of Monroe real estate and shack up in the Upper East Side apartment, which the actress stayed in whenever she was in the Big Apple.

Funnily enough, the four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom townhouse was actually owned by famed fashion photographer Milton Greene, who was super close to the star, and would let her crash there whenever she ruddy well pleased. To be fair, in a pad of that size, their paths didn’t have to cross should they be feeling particularly CBA.

With towering high ceilings, stunning turn-of-the-century details, huge bathtubs and bedrooms, and a staircase as grand as the one Leo DiCaprio lurked around the bottom of in Titanic, it's no wonder it served as the iconic film star's East Coast home-away-from-home.

The four-story ‘flat’ was built in 1899, and although it’s been updated and renovated since the days Marilyn would have sauntered around it in fluffy high heels slippers and slinky silk night dresses, a lot of the features from back in her day are still evident throughout the property.

So, if you fancy touching the same light switches and sitting on the same terrace as the Some Like It Hot starlet (and you just so happen to have some mega change lying around), this is the place for you. Take a tour of the rest of the lavish abode below…

The Bathroom
We've got two words for you: bubble bath. 

The Kitchen
We're going to hedge our bets that these aren't the original kitchen cabinets but still, we reckon Marilyn would approve...

The Terrace
Where Marilyn spent her mornings reading the paper and sipping on black coffee. 

The Grand Staircase
We can just see Marilyn gliding down these stairs in one of her stunning ball gowns.

The Living Room
You know you're a fully fledged grown up when you walk into a room and say, 'nice cornicing'.

The Deck
With string lighting, this hidden garden would look stunning at Twilight. Pass us a whisky sour, will you? 


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