11 Reasons Why The Mariah’s World Trailer Is Our Actual Fantasy

11 Reasons Why The Mariah’s World Trailer Is Our Actual Fantasy

Mariah Carey is everything you ever hoped – and more

Mariah Carey is nothing short of fabulous. Her casual wear is an inspiration to us all (everything from Juicy tracksuits to fluffy heeled slippers), her diva demands are legendary and she does a flawless New York accent – who knew?!

The news that E! were filming an 8-part docuseries, titled Mariah’s World, had us excited to get behind the diva persona and into Mariah’s mind, and the brand new trailer does not disappoint. In 75 seconds, we’ve already learned a lot about Mimi…

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1. She can play the trumpet… with her hands
2. Only Mariah would walk around in a sequin corset and feather mules when she’s ‘relaxing’ at home
3. If the diva asks for Noah’s Ark at her wedding, don’t take her seriously
4. The sneak peek at Mariah’s potential wedding dress is GLITZY
5. Private plane style is always a sequined evening gown and glass of red wine, in hand
6. Being twirled round in the air is no big deal
7. Mariah does a pretty impressive New York accent
8. Children’s slides, crumbling castles, world tours… it’s all in a day for Mariah
9. Those diva demands for baskets of puppies aren’t true, but she wouldn’t mind a bouquet of Labradors when she’s stressed
10. Even a diva gets exhausted
11. Basically, Mariah’s World is set to be your new E! addiction

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There’s still a whole four months to go until Mariah’s World premieres on Sunday December 4th in America (and hopefully shortly after in the UK), but until then, catch up on the life lessons we learned from The Hills – including the importance of waterproof mascara. Lauren, we’re looking at you. 

As for Mariah’s World? We. Can. Not. Wait.

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