So Malia Obama Has Landed The Best Internship Ever...

So Malia Obama Has Landed The Best Internship Ever...

You won't believe us when we tell you what it is.

Malia Obama has secured what might well be the best internship ever. Prepare to feel jealous. And when we say jealous, we mean insanely jealous.  

The 17-year-old daughter of America’s President and First Lady is currently working alongside Lena Dunham on the New York set of Girls.

Yes, really. 

A picture of Malia hanging out with members of the production team was shared on social media by US publication Page 6 on Friday. The crew were at Aurora Ristorante in Brooklyn to shoot some scenes for the hit TV show.

Sporting a confident expression while clutching a refreshing drink, Malia looked to be totally at ease with the whole situation.

We definitely wouldn’t have been so chilled out if we’d be given the same opportunity when we were at school. We’d have been totally freaking out over the chance spend time with Lena plus co-stars Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mament.

It’s thought that Malia struck up a friendship with Lena when the actress, producer and writer stopped by the White House earlier this year.

Malia’s said to have told the outspoken star how much she loves the racy programme which follows the lives of a group of friends. 

This prompted Lena, 29 - who tweeted a very sweet happy birthday message to Malia last month - to help Barack and Michelle’s oldest daughter arrange a work experience placement.

Having A-listers over for a catch-up has to be one of the best perks about being the President’s little girl...

Although this is all very amazing, it’s not the only cool job on Malia’s CV. She spent some time working as a production assistant on Halle Berry’s sci-fi CBS drama Extant last summer.

Malia, who was spotted arriving at the TV studios with her mum a short time after she turned 16, helped film the pilot episode and was reported to have said it was 'a big deal'.

We can't wait to see what she gets up to next - if she carries on like this she'll be winning awards of her own just like Lena in no time at all. 

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