14 Obsessions We Never Thought We’d Have After Making A Murderer

14 Obsessions We Never Thought We’d Have After Making A Murderer

Making A Murderer has made us dress like car mechanics, speak in THAT accent and even crush on some silver fox lawyers – how many obsessions have you got?

Making A Murderer is our latest cult Netflix obsession, and for a true crime series that tells the story of a man wrongly sent to jail for 18 years, it’s spawned some pretty weird obsessions. How many have you got?

1. They Didn’t Do It, the rap song recorded by Brendan’s brother that’s blowing up our headphones right now. In case you're wondering what it’s about, the first line goes a little something like “yeah, injustice, slammed in the face of two innocent people”…

2. The way Brendan and his mom answer the phone: “yeah”, “yeah”.

3. In fact, the amount of conversations you can have simply by saying “yeah”.

4. Those hairstyles… From the ‘party in the back, listening to lies in court in the front’ mullet to the Shoestring Ponytail (‘with two thin strands set free (like innocent people should be) and framed (like innocent people can be) around the face). This Tumblr has your ultimate guide.

5. We’re totally crushing on Steven Avery’s lawyers.

6. And Dean Strang’s normcore styling. Whoever made this Tumblr, thank you.


7. Steven Avery’s Dad is our new dungaree icon. Life lesson: you can get away with wearing them every single day if you change up your hair and beard styles.

8. Avery-chic has even wormed its way into our subconscious – we’ve been known to say “oh gee, I look like a car mechanic today”…

7. The rustic owl clock in the Avery household – so shabby chic.

9. The two spicy reporters that we wanted to get together. Silver Fox aka Aaron Keller, with the thickest brush hair of all time, and Glasses Girl (Angenette Levy).

10. We can’t stop saying “I don’t know” in Brendan’s accent. Go on, ask us if we think Brendad did it…

11. That whole accent is pretty addictive, “you know”?

12. If we had to explain it… “Ya, der ain't a M'waukee accent, you've gotta go down by da Sout, once, to hear someone talk like dat."

13. Our INTENSE DISLIKE of Ken Kratz. Put your phone away KEN!

14. How many unfinished sentences can you cram into one phone conversation to your mother while you’re in jail for a crime nobody is really sure if you committed?

Will these new shows on Netflix be as good as Making A Murderer? We'll have to wait and see, but until then, we'll still be crushing on Dean Strang...

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