Make Like Beyoncé And Jay Z And Spread Your Message With A Slogan T-Shirt

Make Like Beyoncé And Jay Z And Spread Your Message With A Slogan T-Shirt

The power couple stepped out wearing slogan tees yesterday, and they've both clearly got things they'd like to say. Here's 5 other T-shirts that will do the talking for you...

If you want to get your message across, then wear it on your chest. At least, that's what Jay Z and Beyoncé were (probably) thinking when they both stepped out wearing bold slogan T-shirts yesterday.

After all, they are two of the most photographed people in the world, so if they want to spread the word then all they have to do is wear a T-shirt knowing that within hours it would have to be seen by millions.

And so we're pleased to see that the messages Bey and Jay are peddling are positive ones. Jay Z chose to send a message to Israel and Palestine – as well as the rest of the English-speaking world – with a T-shirt with the word 'Peace' emblazoned across it in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Beyonce meanwhile opted for a shirt that read 'Never forget to say thank you,' which is something we can all do with remembering, and not a bad lesson for Beyonce and Jay Z's three-year-old daughter Blue Ivy to learn either.

Want to say something with your T-shirt? Here's some of the best slogan shirts on the high street…


First up, we have a shirt from the queen of slogan tees Katharine Hamnett. At just £15 from Topshop, it's a pretty bargainous way to spread a worthy message and look good whilst you're doing it.


Want to let someone know you like them? Then just wear this Asos T-shirt when you're around them. Better yet, give them one as a present.


This H&M T-shirt will come in handy if you're ever stuck in France without your phrasebook. 



Too shy to ask the boy you ask on a date? Let this Zara tee do the talking...



If there's one message we need to make loud and clear more than most, sadly it's this one (courtesy of Sonia Rykiel):

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