Maisie Williams Has A Message For Girls Worldwide: 'You're Unstoppable'

Maisie Williams Has A Message For Girls Worldwide: 'You're Unstoppable'

The Game of Thrones star nails it with a powerful feminist speech at New York's #LikeAGirl summit

This week Maisie Williams followed in Emma Watson's footsteps when she delivered an impassioned and powerful feminist speech at Always' #LikeAGirl 'Confidence Summit' in New York.

Reading her words, it's hard to believe this hotly-in-demand actress is only 18-years-old. Speaking confidently and clearly, the Game of Thrones actress reached out to girls worldwide with a message:

'It's time for society to stop telling girls what they should and shouldn't do. And instead through the quietest whispers and the loudest megaphones tell them that they are unstoppable.'

Right on, Maisie. Encouraging girls to 'stick together' and 'support each other', she also highlighted the issues women battle when it comes to confidence and the workplace adding:

'Confidence gives us what we need in life. So build yours, protect yours, fight for yours, grab it with both hands and hold it like the course of your future depends on it. Because it does.

'The world is desperate for leaders, male and female. It's not about gender, it's about purpose. You have a responsibility, an opportunity to share your gifts with the world. People want what you've got. Believe it.'

Maisie was speaking out in support of Always' latest video for campaign #LikeAGirl, a video which has sensationally smashed over 2 million views this week...and still counting.

The Campaign's YouTube page explains a little bit about what they are trying to achieve, asking: 'Do we limit girls and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be? Do we box them into expected roles? Well, we asked, and the answer was shocking: 72% of girls DO feel society limits them – especially during puberty – a time when their confidence totally plummets.'

In the moving video, Always asks girls to write examples of any perceived limitations they feel are thrown at them on a box...and then comes the fun part. They're encouraged to kick them - and in turn - kick those insecurities. Thousands have taken to social media to do the same, using #LikeAGirl, to celebrate who women really are and what they can achieve.

You can watch Always' video below:



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