Madonna's Cape Now Has Its Own Twitter Account

Madonna's Cape Now Has Its Own Twitter Account

There was only one real star of last night BRITs, and that was an Armani cape

The BRITs 2015 had some of the world's most popular acts all gathered together in one room, from Kanye West to Taylor Swift to Ed Sheeran, but they were all upstaged by one thing: Madonna's cape.

For anyone still unaware of what happened during Madonna's performance last night, she took a rather spectacular tumble down the stairs after her Armani cape was accidentally tugged, pulling her backwards off the stage. In one word: Ouch. In every sense.

Luckily, Madge was unhurt and carried on her performance of her new song Living For Life like nothing happened. (She's been thirty years in the job.)

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was all over it like a pack of hounds, with the cape even getting it's own Twitter account which at the time of writing has almost 5,000 followers.

And the rest of Twitter didn't disappoint with it's cape-themed memes either. Here are some of our favourites…

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