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Louis Vuitton

The Madonna for Louis Vuitton campaign came about after creative director Marc Jacobs went to see the pop queen in concert. In a brainstorming session the following day he suggested her as the new face of the brand. A couple of blackberried emails later and Madge confirmed; 'I'd love to'.

With a set of uber-glamorous spring/summer advertisments, the pressure was on for the second campaign of the Madonna-Vuitton collaboration. This time we see Madge donning those now notorious bunny ears (first seen at this year's Met Ball), a wine-coloured taffeta frock with LV's huge monogrammed tote in prime position.

The addition of fingerless gloves harks back to Madge's early 80s Desperately Seeking Susan days, and serve as a little reminder that she may now be a gravity-defying yogi, but she's still our Material Girl.

The Madonna for Louis Vuitton campagin is due to be released this autumn.

By Pat McNulty

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