Who Is Maddi? 5 Things You Need To Know About The Latest Waterhouse Sister

Who Is Maddi? 5 Things You Need To Know About The Latest Waterhouse Sister

There’s a new Waterhouse sibling to keep on your radar...

Just when you thought you’d got your head around Suki and Immy Waterhouse, yet another sister pops out of the woodwork! Enter 16-year-old Maddi, the latest celebrity sibling from the family with the utterly enviable gene pool. Not sure who she is yet? We're sure this sister is bound to be big news, so let’s have a quick recap on the 5 things you need to know about the latest Waterhouse.

1) Maddi models. Obviously. It's basically a family trait.

She's fronted in the campaign for Made In Chelsea star Amber Atherton’s jewellery line, My Flash Trash

2) She’s big on social media

Maddi's already got over 34k followers on Instagram. Expect tongue-in-cheek copycat Jenner posts, bathroom selfies, and lust-worthy holiday snaps.

3) She’s a blogger

Her new site Be Yourself Some More features glimpses inside the Waterhouse world along with some adorable family snaps. N'aww.

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4) She’s big into affirmations

Whilst been interviewed by elder sister Suki, she explains; “I have affirmations on my mirror that say things like, ‘I am beautiful inside and out’, and ‘I am strong and confident’. You say them to yourself everyday so that you start to believe them.”

5) Her style inspiration comes from one of the best movies of all time

 “I want all the outfits from Clueless.”

Us too, Maddi...Us too. 

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