January Jones as Betty Draper in Mad Men


Christina Hendricks as Joan in Mad Men


As many of you may have noticed, trends come and go in cycles, but the retro prints and sleek lines of the 60s always seem to come up one way or another on the runway. So we’re so excited to hear that Janie Bryant, Mad Men’s Emmy Award-winning costume designer, is releasing her own style bible this fall, and we can’t wait to see what she’s got to tell us!

While Janie’s book will undoubtedly offer great advice on how to get that 'leading-lady' look a la January Jones or Christina Hendricks, she’s going to have some useful advice for the man in your life as well. And boy will he look good!
'It is all about wearing clothes that fit their character and the story they want to tell,' Janie says. 'Fashion allows each of us to express our creativity and unique style.'

But how about those Seventies-hippie enthusiasts or those who are dying to nail down the Twenties-flapper chic in their evening wear? Janie will teach you how to use your favourite decade in your everyday wardrobe.

And now we’re off to dig up our pearls, pillbox hats and sheath dresses!

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By Monica Derevjanik