Lupita Nyong'o's Stunning [And Very Expensive] Oscars Dress Has Been STOLEN

Lupita Nyong'o's Stunning [And Very Expensive] Oscars Dress Has Been STOLEN

Lupita's $150,000 Calvin Klein Oscars dress has been swiped from her hotel room and we can't help but wonder how an earth the thief has even gotten away with it...

Lupita Nyong'o was definitely one of the most gorgeously dressed A-lister's at Sunday night's Oscars ceremony thanks to the jaw-dropping, pearl encrusted gown custom made for the actress by designer label Calvin Klein; a frock we still can't get out of our minds days later...

Adorned with 6,000 white Akoya pearls, the pearls alone are reported to be worth an eye-watering $150,000 (that's £97,000); and that's before you tally up the cost of the luxurious material and the measure of man-hours it took to create the gown. So, in short, it's worth a hell of a lot of cash and clearly she was honoured to wear such a dress as she continually gushed over it on social media on the eve and the morning after. Well, wouldn't you? 

The fact that she was so elated over the dress only makes this news all the more tragic as reports have started to fly that the dress was STOLEN from Lupita's very hotel room this past Tuesday while she was out on various industry appointments and meetings following the Oscars ceremony. How terrible is that? 

However, another question we can't help but ask is, how the hell does the thief think he/she is going to get away with this? Practically the definition of 'one of a kind', the dress was the product of months of planning between the starlet and Calvin Klein's Francisco Costa, this is going to be one hard steal to flog — that is, if that was the burglars intention.

Lupita is said to have reported the crime to the police herself after returning to her hotel room at The London Hotel at 9pm, having left for the day at 8 o'clock that morning. 

Of course, being a very high-profile and extremely established celeb haunt, The London is littered with CCTV cameras so tracking down the culprit surely won't be a terrible task, right? 

It may sound all very Pink Panther but we can't imagine how Lupita must be feeling right now. Sure, they've made off with a HUGE sum of money in pearly whites but the knowledge someone was rooting around your personal things is very unsettling and while we're sure Calvin Klein are totally on-side with the actress, there's no doubt she'll be holding herself responsible. 

Let's hope the dastardly pearl-stealer is found and brought to justice ASAP. Burglary is one thing but taking a dress this beautiful is a crime against fashion of epic proportions... 

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