Little Boots says ‘Get your skates on!’

Little Boots says ‘Get your skates on!’
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Nokia’s free Skate Almighty event to feature live performances from Little Boots and more.

Forget today’s rain, the swine flu sensation that’s sweeping the nation, and the general lacklustre summer weather: turn your painbow into a rainbow with a trip down memory lane to the roller disco.

Nokia's free Skate Almighty event takes place at London’s Potter’s Field, near Tower Bridge, from 5 to 9 of August.

Expect much moussing of hair, wearing of hot pants, and go-faster-stripes of near-neon blusher as roller girls get their retro on to music from Little Boots, DJ Calvin Harris, Queens of Noize and others. 

Kidlets are welcome until 6pm, then it’s over-18s only, leaving you free to whizz around the rink listening to Little Boots for all of, ooh, ten seconds, before falling over and embarrassing yourself in front of a cute boy.

To get skating, visit Nokia Music for a FREE free one-hour skating ticket - it's all v futuristic, the ticket will be sent to your mobile and entrance involves swiping your phone (possibly by roller-skating robots, who knows?).

Entrance includes a Nokia Music Store voucher and PIN code, for free tracks from the Nokia Music store.

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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