Lily Melrose: Everything You Need To Know

Lily Melrose: Everything You Need To Know

Lily Melrose is a blogging breath of fresh air. Catch up with her laid-back style, positive attitude and exciting book news below...

Lily Melrose

AGE: 25


BLOG FIRST: Lily Melrose, aka LLYMLRS, started her fashion and lifestyle blog way back in 2009, before joining YouTube two years later. Her honest personality and love of writing, filming, posting and getting properly involved with the online community really shines through in all of her content, and of course we love her laid-back style. Hundreds of thousands of followers seem to think so, too.

PROCRASTIPOST: Lily started her blog as she prepared to graduate from her Graphic and Media Design degree, but it was when she started posting her day-to-day outfits that subscribers started to rocket. She also broke the mould when it comes to mixing high and low fashion finds (could you imagine fashion blogging without Primark hauls?!), and her down to earth way of talking about fashion and beauty makes readers trust this beauty expert.

BOOK LIFE: Lily is also set to release her hugely anticipated book Just Blog It: Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Blogging. We can almost guarantee this will be a best seller as blog fans everywhere rush to set up their website with none of those embarrassing first names and awkward first-post mistakes.

I WANT IT ALL: Lily’s blog is stuffed full of all sorts of posts; what to wear as autumn chill creeps in, 25 ways to feel happier immediately, her Trek America adventure and beauty reviews are mixed in with a whole heap of other content – Lily’s cat makes frequent appearances too. Follow all her social media accounts for on-the-go updates from a blogger who is 100% honest and real at all times.

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