Lily Allen knows everybody needs good neighbours

Lily Allen knows everybody needs good neighbours

Lily Allen is set to make a guest appearance in Aussie soap, Neighbours.

We will always be grateful to Ramsay Street for giving the world the Kylie and Jason pop sensation and now our very own pop princess, Lily Allen, is set to make some Erinsborough history as she's set to make a guest appearance on Australian soap Neighbours.

Despite not always being know for her neighbourly ways, Lily is said to be a huge fan of the show and, as the website reports, ‘wasted no time in accepting the offer to appear on the show' where she will play herself opposite the character Zeke Kinski, played by Mark Werkmeister. There are even rumours of her belting out one of her hits in the scene.

Talk of her arrival has already got the Ramsay Street crew buzzing with excitement, ‘I'm freaking out, I'll be starstruck for sure but will try my hardest to stay professional,' said Werkmeister.

Lily will be filming her part when she heads over Melbourne-way next month to play the Ozzy leg of her tour and we can expect to see her gracing our screens in September when the show is aired on Channel 5, nine weeks behind Australia.


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