National Portrait Gallery

Lily Allen has a pretty diverse CV; popstar, TV presenter, fashion designer (remember the New Look collaboration?). But one thing you may not know about the singer is that she was once a trainee florist. Yuhu, before little Lil' made it big in 2006 with her hit Smile she was actually learning the trade of floristry.

This side-on picture of Lily was taken by photographer Nadav Kander for the National Portrait Gallery's latest poster campaign. The caption beneath her picture reads 'Vocalist, Lyricist, Florist,' the aim being to reveal the lesser known facts about the celebrities whose portraits are part of the gallery's permanent collection. So Blur's Alex James is revealed as 'Musician, Writer Cheesmaker' while Winston Churchill is labelled 'Politician, Peacemaker, Prisoner.' The idea for the posters came about when the portrait gallery realised that visitors loved picking up the lesser known stories behind famous faces.

With gorgeous images by photographers and artists as diverse as Lucien Freud and Nick Knight, it's definitely worth taking another look at the gallery's fabulous collection.

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By Pat McNulty