Lily Allen Has A Last Hair Hurrah Before Turning 30, So Here's Our Big 3-0 Bucket List

Lily Allen Has A Last Hair Hurrah Before Turning 30, So Here's Our Big 3-0 Bucket List

While we don't agree that turning 30 means you can't have crazy-coloured hair anymore, it has got us thinking about the other things we want to do before that milestone birthday...

Lily Allen is no stranger to the hair dye, having pretty much coloured her barnet every shade under the sun.

But her most recent dye-job may be one of her most out there yet. Like a Twister that's melted in the sun. It's a bold choice, sure, but it wasn't her hair that shocked us when she posted a picture of it on Instagram, rather the comment underneath which read: 'Not long till I'm 30, one last hurrah on the hair front.'

Lily, we really hope you're not going to stop with the hair experimentation just because you've got a year older. Hitting 30 doesn't mean the 'hurrahs' are over. However, Lily's comment has got us thinking about the other things we'd like to do before we hit the big 3-0…

1. Go on a spontaneous city break
The one where you're having 'just one' with your colleagues in the pub after work on a Friday, and the next thing you know you're shoving an Upper Crust baguette into your gob while you pay for a last-minute Eurostar to Paris. And then you wake up in the morning and the sun will be shining and you will look like Lea Seydoux and the hangover will be nothing that a black coffee and a croissant can't sort out. Just never look at your credit card bill again.

2. Learn a language
Preferably French, so the aforementioned spontaneous city break goes smoothly (i.e. you're able to ask directions to the nearest cheap hotel, whilst drunk, at 2am).

3. Get that tattoo you've been talking about since forever
Your friends might be nodding along when you describe that tattoo you want for the umpteenth time, but secretly they're rolling their eyes and everyone's stopped believing you're ever going to do it. Get the tattoo and be done with it. Also, this is one thing that can't wait forever – nothing says mid-life crisis like a first inking at 40.

4. Read all the classics
Yes, those books piled artfully on your polished wooden floors look nice, but they were made to read, not rest plants and pictures on. FYI, Fifty Shades of Grey does not count.

5. De-clutter
Be honest: when was the last time you actually dug out that university essay you wrote in the first year about Tudor poetry? Exactly. You know what they say – clean house equals a clean mind. Plus, you need to make room for all other crap you're going to fill your home with over the next decade.

6. Get a beauty regime
You've been meaning to get the whole cleanse and moisturise thing down since you were 18, but you're pushing 30 and still relying on face wipes to do the job. Not only are they killing the planet, but they're not doing your skin any favours either. Trust us, washing your face properly and using a decent moisturiser is going to pay off.

7. Learn to deal with your FOMO
Declining an invite to a party to stay in with a bottle of wine, some carb-y snacks and Netflix isn't a loser thing to do on a Friday night. You work hard and you're tired Godammit. And waking up without a hangover isn't boring, it's liberating (even though you're still sat on the sofa come midday in your dressing gown).

8. Go out at every opportunity
BECAUSE IN TEN YEARS YOU'LL BE 40 AND OH MY GOD EVERYONE'S HAVING MORE FUN THAN YOU. Close the laptop, put down the crisps, leave the house now, and go and buy yourself an espresso martini. Deal with the FOMO some other time.

9. Invest in a Chanel handbag
You've been working for the past seven or so years, and it's time to pend your money on something that isn't rent, a holiday, or 2-for-1 in Pizza Express. You can justify the expense because you will use it everyday and it will help you pretend to be an adult.

10. Get insurance
To cover the loss of your Chanel handbag.

11. Sort out your mobile phone tariff
If you're still paying over £60 a month to phone your mum and look at Facebook, you really need to sort it out.

12. Be a bridesmaid
Obviously you can't force one of your friends to get married, but if you do get the chance to be a bridesmaid: take it. It's fun. As long as the bride is a reasonable person, and lets you wear something that makes you look smoking hot.

13. Learn how to play poker
Because, basically, it will make you look cool.

14. Ditto chess

15. Learn how to take your mum's backhanded compliments
Answer: With a smile. Grit teeth if needs be. And remember: she doesn't mean it. It's just that she doesn't think wide-legged culottes do much for your figure.

16. Start getting fit
It's not nice to hear, but it all starts getting harder post-30. Start jogging. Or swimming. Or walking up the escalator rather than standing. Anything. Now.


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