We don’t like to be judgemental — each to their own, as they say. BUT this is pretty weird.

Cheryl’s not-even-quite-ex-yet husband seems pretty unhappy about it and Liam Payne’s ex-gf Sophia Smith has said it’s ‘so weird’, and we kind of see where they’re coming from. 

We can deal with an age gap relationship but she’s 32 and he’s 22 — that’s a solid 10 years, and it gets weirder when you remember how they met.

We look back on their relationship history — since it all began in 2008…

2008: 14-year-old Liam sings Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon in for his X Factor audition and Cheryl, who was married to Ashley Cole at the time, is on the judging panel. She says as feedback: ‘I think you’re really cute. I think you’ve got charisma and you give us that cheeky little wink.’

January 2015: Liam and Cheryl are reportedly dating, after getting together around the final in mid December, and he gets a rose tattoo on his hand that resembles her controversial bum tat.

January 2016: News of Cheryl and Jean Fernandez-Versini’s divorce breaks, citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

24th February 2016: Cheryl posts a picture of herself ready for the Brits which *DRAMA* Liam comments on saying: ‘See you there babe’.


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26th February 2016: The Sun breaks the story of Cheryl and Liam dating, with ‘close pals’ revealing he is ‘madly in love’ with her. Liam also changed his Instagram profile picture to the two of them together.

28th February 2016: Cheryl and Liam are spotted (and papped by a passer by) together at a supermarket in Tescos.

2nd March 2016: Cheryl posts a picture with a mystery arm in the back of a car which obvs makes the internet going mad trying to track down the owner of said limb – discussing watch brands, jumpers and the likes.


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2nd March 2016: Liam Instagrams a selfie of him (albeit him looking very weird and possibly Photoshopped) and Cheryl in a car.


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2nd March 2016: Cheryl posts a picture of her with Liam and two mystery men with the caption: ‘My mystery man line up #whosthemysteryman #whoisit#whosworthit


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8th March 2016: Liam posts an International Women’s Day Instapic dedicated to Cheryl saying: ‘Happy #internationalwomensday to my favourite woman in the world hope I make you as happy as u make me X’


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9th March 2016: Liam and Cheryl are papped out for the first time (apart from those Tesco shots), both looking matchy matchy in black, at Salmontini in London with her mum. She was wearing a 'LOVE' necklace. 

10th March: Seemingly hitting back at the h8rs, Cheryl posted an obligatory Instagram quote with the caption: 'cherylofficial It can be so hard at times being a girl, for sooo many reasons! But we don't have to make it harder for each other.. Why do we still feel the need to do that ?? I don't understand it. I have always been a Girls girl, and love other strong women. That is why I surround myself with them, and that is why I try to empower others. Trying to pull another person down, only speaks volumes about your character.! And not a thing about theirs.. There's nothing more powerful or beautiful than an inspiring, strong women that you can look up to or turn to... Be one!!!'


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11th March: Cheryl hit back at people talking about her mother crasing her 'date with Liam'...

15th March:​ Who knows whether she was hitting back at her relationship haters but Cheryl posted ANOTHER Instagram pic — not quite an inspirational quote but almost...


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4th April: Simon Cowell has spoken out about the new(ish) couple — and he's actually been pretty sweet, saying: 'I saw them together and we had a really nice dinner [...] They were on good form. They're like two little chipmunks madly in love. Literally they were so cute.

'But importantly they both seemed very happy over here and very relaxed. I'm happy for them.' 

10th April: Their latest couple milestone? Cheryl's been helping Liam train his pup... Cute.


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9th May: The couple are snapped out and about in Paris.

9th May: Cheryl and Liam make their red carpet debut at the Global Gift Gala in Paris. It seems to be working for them...

11th May: Liam posts a selfie of the lurved-up pair on their way to Cannes... Only the second EVER since they've been a couple! (We know, shocker - right?)

12th May: Here they are looking lovey-dovey at Cannes again...

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