Leo and Paris went head-to-head in a bidding war over a Chanel bag, but who came out on top?

Leo and Paris went head-to-head in a bidding war over a Chanel bag, but who came out on top?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Paris Hilton are the subject of one of today's most unexpected stories, and it's all in the name of some seriously hot Chanel arm candy. Yes, REALLY. Let us set the scene. 

So, you're in Cannes for the Film Festival, you're loaded, and you've got a bit of spare time on your hands. What do you do? Head to one of the super elite charity auctions of course, and that's exactly what Leo and Paris did last night during their stay in the French town. 

While the two enjoyed their respective evenings at the Heart Fund Gala without a hitch, when it came down to one item on the roster all hell broke loose...

Ok, not quite — it was all in good fun and for an exemplary cause — but 40-year-old Leo and 34-year-old Paris did find themselves in a epic bidding war over one the most stylish items of the night. 

The piece in question? A STUNNING navy Chanel bag embroidered with ornate flowers that's said to be worth thousands of pounds. Yep, when these guys bid, they bid hard. 

Both parties were super-keen to get their mitts on the handbag that they fought off stiff competition from countless other Hollywood big wigs and it came down to just the two of them. Who came out on top, you ask? Well... 

That's right, Leo made off with the Chanel bag which he forked out a cool $11,000 for. Wowza. Now, if you were hoping that the actor subsequently left the venue without haste to gift the bag to his lady friend (cough, Rihanna, cough) in front of a host of waiting paps, we're sorry to disappoint — that ain't going to happen. However, the reason that he bought the bag will melt your heart all the same. 

Apparently Leo was heard saying that he'd acquired it for his mum, Irmelin Indenbirken. How sweet is that? 

The star-studded gala raised €5.1 million after a mystery donor pledged €5 million to the charity, which aims to bring heart care to poor children. The money will be used to fund a private plane that will visit some of the world's most remote areas to perform surgeries and screen children and infants for heart disease. And frankly, we can't think of a better cause. 

Paris and Leo, you're both winners in our eyes...