Leonardo DiCaprio's Swedish Doppelganger Just Made His Modelling Debut

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Konrad Annerud has 223k Insta-followers doing a double take, thanks to his unbelievable resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio. He might look the part, but how much does Konrad's life mirror DiCaprio's on screen characters? We find out...

We just did a double take - Leonardo DiCaprio has some serious competition from this Swedish barman, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Wold of Wall Street himself. From that floppy fringe to those gorgeous eyes, Konrad Annerud has racked up 223k Instagram followers as the internet flips over this celebrity doppelganger - and now? He's made his modelling debut for Ralph Lauren and Barneys.


Lookbook now live. @ralphlauren for @barneysman on Barneys.com 👍🏻

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Konrad might look a lot like Leo, but how does his own life match up to Leo’s on screen history? 


📷: @stella_cocozza Mer bilder på http://stellacocozza.blogg.se/

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The Wolf of Wall Street
Who can forget Jordan Belfort, the infamous Wolf of Wall Street who worked hard and played even harder, starting the day with champagne and ending the night by, well, crashing private planes. There’s nothing that can quite match that on Konrad’s Instagram, but the boy does like an expensive drink. Cheers!

Catch Me If You Can
Leonardo played Frank Abagnale, a slick con-artist who impersonates a prison agent, a lawyer, a teacher and even a doctor throughout the '60s and '70s. Frank also managed to bluff his way into becoming a pilot, constantly surrounded by a bevy of air hostesses. So how does Konrad compare? There’s no pilot uniform here, but here’s Konrad's Mum, whose outfit would look right at home heading through that '60s terminal.

The Great Gatsby
Alright, so Konrad is more jeans and leather jacket than 1920s cream suit, but this Insta-filter image is taking us back to that Long Island heat, where Daisy Buchanan lounged around and waited for Gatsby’s infamous parties.


Remember a young Leo in braces and a blousy white shirt aboard the RMS Titanic? Konrad is making us do a double take with this Insta-snap, where he’s rocking a suspiciously similar outfit. That cross necklace is a bit more subtle than the Heart of the Ocean, though.

Romeo and Juliet
Forget Shakespeare, Leonardo’s Romeo was all about Hawaiian shirts and open collars, with a suit jacket and suit of armour for when you need to fight for your girl. Konrad looks the spit of young Leo in this short-sleeved shirt – props for that jacket slung over the shoulders, too.

The Beach
The name of this film gives the game away really. Think Leonardo Dicaprio + beach and you’ve basically got the picture. Leo might have filmed in Thailand, but Konrad’s blue waters might be a little closer to his Swedish home.

The Departed
We’re pretty sure Konrad isn’t a cop attempting to infiltrate an Irish gang in South Boston, but he might be taking some style tips from Leonardo’s Billy in The Departed. Cap? Check. Khaki t-shirt? Check. Necklace? Triple check. 

Umm, we struggled to see where The Revenant fits in to Konrad's life, tbh...

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