In the least surprising news following Leonardo DiCaprio’s win, it was the most Tweeted about Oscar moment ever in the history of the Academy Awards! Well yuh, that’s what happens when the whole world (even the other Best Actor nominees, like Eddie Redmayne) is rooting for you.

But, what do you do after you win an Oscar? Actually we don’t mind about the others really – what did LEO do? This…

1.     His Speech

You’ve probably seen it by now – and if not, WHY NOT?! – but we should just take a second to think about his excellently executed speech about climate change. That’s not bandwagon-leaping, that’s knowledge…

2.     The Engraving

Winners have to take their new statuette to get their name engraved on it – and Leo took the opportunity, while surrounded by cameras, to be totally lol and also act adorably unchilled (like zero chill – tapping his fingers, shuffling about, doing shifty eyes.

In one of the best videos on the planet, captured by Variety, Leo said to the engraver (who, understandably, had exceptionally shakey hands): ‘Do you do this every year? I wouldn’t know’.

Best self-depreciating joke EVER.

3.     He Took Selfies With His ‘Brother’ Tom Hardy

Though they haven’t been put on his official Instagram (which hasn’t been updated for 129 weeks – come on, Tom) these pictures are doing the rounds and they’re so cute. Ultimate bromance.


4.     His ‘Surreal’ Press Conference

After his win, he had to deal with press (soz), and Leo, being a PRO and all (but one that’s in touch with his emotions), said: ‘It all feels incredibly surreal […] It's surreal because you can't reach out and physically meet everybody. You hear it on the internet, you hear it from other people and, you know the truth is, we always strive for the best in what we do, but this year in particular I've been overwhelmed with such support. 

‘Really, truly, by so many fans and so many people in the industry. It's quite shocking actually, and what can you say? Except I'm very grateful, I really am. It feels amazing.’


Plus this kind of hilarious moment...


5.    He Went Out Out

You would, wouldn’t you… Your ‘body of work’ (a phrase that we’ve heard more times than we care to think about in the Oscar-run up) has FINALLY been recognized by The Academy, you celebrate – right? Leo hit the Govenor’s Ball – avec his new little gold mate – where he did three adorable things… 1) He was heard shouting ‘where’s my mum?’, 2) He ate a slice of chicken pizza, 3) Popped the statuette on the floor while he texted. Then on to the Vanity Fair party and out for dinner at the Argo Restaurant, where he saw fans in the streets with masks of his face.


6. He Got Way Drunk (By The Looks Of Things)...

Understandable, really — Leo is seen vaping away happily and then getting into his car (sans his Oscar statuette, which someone then ran out to give him).


And let's never forget this unbearably adorable moment Leo ate a cookie... 


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