Leona Lewis shows off her fab new body

Leona Lewis shows off her fab new body

The X Factor winner reveals her new slimline look after strict month-long detox

Leona Lewis has been spotted on the red carpet twice in the last few weeks looking better than ever.

At both glam events, Leona wore stunning black dresses that showed off her new killer figure.


The naturally curvy star decided to try a strict month-long detox to shed some unwanted pounds. Leona ditched unhealthy foods and drank only water for the entire period.

Leona told Closer magazine: ‘I didn’t drink anything but water for a month! I usually drink lots of water anyway, so it wasn’t a crazy, dramatic change to my lifestyle, but I just wanted to try it and see how I felt’.

The starlet even gave up chocolate, which she found difficult: ‘I love chocolate, it was so hard for me! But I thought, “It’s only a few weeks”.'

Congratulations Leona, we think you look amazing!

By Georgie Hindle

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