Lena Dunham Launches A Feminist Newsletter And We Can't Wait To Read It

Lena Dunham Launches A Feminist Newsletter And We Can't Wait To Read It

'There's no such thing as too much information' and now Lena Dunham is delivering it to your inbox...

'We can’t wait to get into your inbox and tell you everything and hear everything', Lena Dunham declared yesterday. You know what, Lena? We can't wait either.

Proving just what a superwoman she is, Dunham isn't just content with filming the latest series of Girls, writing a book and generally being badass in every possible way. She's now taking her cue from Gwyneth Paltrow, announcing the arrival of a new email newsletter for smart, young women called 'Lenny'.

Curiosity was piqued on Lena's Instagram account only a few weeks ago when she posted a pic of two friends drinking wine with the caption: 'Working on something secret after hours...' Now our question mark has been answered and we're really excited to see what she has in store for subscribers when the newsletter lands in inboxes across the world in September.

Teaming up with Girls executive producer, Jenni Konner, the pair announced on their new website for modern feminists yesterday: 'Introducing Lenny. An email newsletter where there’s no such thing as too much information.'


Explaining further in a Buzzfeed interview, Dunham said Lenny will be for 'an army of like-minded intellectually curious women and the people who love them, who want to bring change but also want to know, like, where to buy the best tube top for summer that isn’t going to cost your entire paycheck.'

The pair were even influenced by Gwyneth's own lifestyle site, 'Goop': 'We love Goop,' Dunham said. 'Jenni and I have always been obsessed with Goop. We feel strongly that even if some of it is aspirational, it’s aspirations like ‘I want to know how to take care of my body and soufflé something.’'



It's not the first time Lena has been in the news this week. After the actress and writer joined Taylor Swift and her supermodel friends on stage for her concert in New Jersey last week, she had this to say about the experience during a conversation hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center:

'I was so thrilled to support my friend and so displeased to learn about the truth of my own height,' Lena opened up. 'I've been feeling pretty tall, feeling pretty sturdy, and it was amazing to me, like: "Oh, I'm not tall. I'm chubby."'

She added: 'I mean, on most days, I feel really great and fine about my body, but I don't think standing next to, like, three supermodels or so is anything even the most confident woman needs to do.'

Suffice to say any of us would feel the same standing next to a group of supermodels. Which only goes to illustrate just how 'like-minded' we are. Roll on the arrival of Lenny...




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