Legendary CBGB club at Proud Gallleries

Legendary CBGB club at Proud Gallleries
Lisa J. Kristal

CBGB:The Home of Underground Rock, exclusive exhibition at Camden's Proud Gallery.

Move over Peaches and Pixie, if you want to take a look and see how the real rock stars honed their artfully dishevelled punk stylings then take your cropped biker jacket down to Camden's Proud Gallery and revel in some iconic shots of everyone from Debbie Harry to Andy Warhol rocking it up at New York's infamous CBGB club - where the likes of The Ramones and The Police unleashed their burgeoning punk-rock.

The exhibition features pictures taken by Lisa J. Kristal, daughter of the venue's founder - as she scurried around almost unnoticed during the club's late 70s and 80s heyday. On the club Lisa says, "CBGB became an outlet for those who believed in music as a form of expression, whoever they were and from wherever they came. People say CBGB changed the course of music history, who knows where we'd be without it. All I know is that is certainly made a huge impact on those individuals and groups who were a part of it and its legacy continues to do so to this day."

CBGB: The Home of Underground Rock, exhibition runs until 9th August at Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, The Stables Market, NW1. www.proud.co.uk

By Victoria Moss


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