Laura Bailey talks summer style and Cara Delevingne’s "fearless" party antics

Laura Bailey talks summer style and Cara Delevingne’s "fearless" party antics

Laura Bailey talks fashion favourites, playing big sister to Cara Delevingne and eating cheese on toast with Uma Thurman…

Cultural Ambassador for The British Fashion Council, Laura Bailey has plenty of fashionable faces on speed dial, from up-and-coming designers to models du jour. We sat down with her to get her top style tips for summer, find out her ones-to-watch and the lowdown on her adventures at the chicest event in the A-list calendar - Cannes Film Festival
 You were at Cannes Film Festival this year - what was your highlight?
The Cannes Film Festival will always hold a special place in my heart. So many memories of happy adventures in film and fashion. As always, the highlight of my trip those late-night stolen moments with my girlfriends far from the madding crowd at the fabled Hotel du Cap. After midnight laughs and whisky with The Great Gatsby gang the first night, cheese on toast in bed with Uma Thurman the next...

You spent time with Cara Delevingne at the Chopard ceremony - what's she like on a night out?
Cara on a night out in Cannes is exactly as she always is - original, stylish, fearless and funny. With Poppy elsewhere working, I'm always happy to step in as honorary big-sister in first reserve.
What advice would you give anyone wanting to break into the fashion industry?
Be original, have a point of view, be kind and polite to all, and have a life outside and beyond.
What do you look for in a new designer and which should we watch out for this season?

Impossible to define. Just know when I see/ touch/ wear. I'm a huge fan of Simone Rocha, Trager Delaney and  Sister by Sibling and have a new crush on Happy Ashley. Ps. I just keep an eye on everything Lulu Kennedy waves a magic wand over.

Who are your style icons and why?
My girlfriends here and now... Especially my best friend NYC singer-songwriter Leona Naess, actress Thandie Newton, designer Bella Freud, and, of course, Alexa Chung. For so many reasons, but mostly, originality, wit, and wisdom in style, among (many) other blessings...

Alexa Chung street style
What are your fashion essentials for the summer?
Shades (embarrassingly large collection, mostly by Chanel, and especially in hot pink or tortoiseshell), my grey MiH cotton boilersuit, CHUCS bikinis and a few Portobello favourite tea-dresses. Also my Jennifer Meyer necklace, nameplate inscribed to my kids, Luc and Tiger.

Which three style essentials wouldn't you leave the house without?

Chanel shades, my own Blenheim bag for RADLEY and my Nike hi-tops. (And the occasional trim by George Northwood at the Josh Wood Atelier in Holland Park).

What's the most indulgent purchase you've ever made?
Art, not fashion. The occasional photo binge, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Tierney Gieron are two of my favourites.  I have no regrets.
Where are your favourite hang-outs out when you're in London?
The Electric Cinema, diner and club on Portobello Road, Elliots Cafe in Borough Market. The Cow pub in W11, and Bay Sixty6 skatepark with my kids at weekends.

Laura Bailey for Samsung
You're working with Samsung at the moment, what are your tech essentials?
I love the new Samsung NX300, the perfect camera for my life on the road, and amazing for making mini-movies too, of my kids, and for work. It's changed my life, it does the tech thinking for me so that I can just shoot, film and play - I love its retro look too.I'll always be a postcard-writing, vinyl-dancing, old-school chatting girl at heart, so need all the hi–tech help I can get along the way.

By Hayley Spencer

Laura is working with Samsung to launch their NX300 camera. More details can be found at

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