Do The Kardashians Make YOU Feel Like This? The Newsreader That Went Viral Speaks Out

Do The Kardashians Make YOU Feel Like This? The Newsreader That Went Viral Speaks Out

The Kardashians are like Marmite: love them or hate them, they’re all over your news feed on a daily basis. But for one newsreader, his on-air meltdown over Kylie's bunny went viral - now, John Brown has spoken out about how he REALLY feels...

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are a permanent fixture on your news feed. Whether they’re pregnant (again), buying million dollar properties at the age of 17 or rocking six-inch stilettos to head to the gym, people just can’t get enough of that krazy Kardashian lifestyle. Everyone, that is, except for this American newsreader. It's the video that went viral around the world, but watch it again below (we've pretty much had it on repeat) before you read his response.

John Brown, a presenter on FOX35 news in Florida, absolutely lost it (and that’s an understatement…) when it came to talking about Kylie Jenner’s newest pet, Bruce the rabbit. The anchor stormed off set live on-air, the second his co-hosts mention the famous family. Talk about awkward.

Seemingly sick of speaking about American’s most talked-about tribe every day on the show, John screamed “I can’t do it! I’ve had enough Kardashians, I can’t take any more!”. While his co-hosts managed to grab a few seconds of silence to watch Kylie’s SnapChat video of rabbit Bruce bunnying around, John wasn’t done with his on-screen rant: “I’m sick of this family! I want to have a good Friday, I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians!

For him, the weekend obviously couldn’t come soon enough…

Happy Birthday Ky!!! We ❤️ U!!!

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John never expected he’d go viral after his outburst, but the video topped Facebook charts as the #1 trending story. The best bit? His brilliant posts on Twitter and Instagram, captioned “what a weekend I’ve had”.


And now, John has had his say on the viral outburst: "For people who don't know me, I'm very sarcastic, so what I said was how I felt but I wasn't angry. But what's interesting though, is that it struck a chord with so many people. My issue is not with the Kardashians. I've never seen their show. My issue is, from a media stand point, we feel like the public wants to hear it, then the public hears it so much, they think the media is going to give them more and it's this huge cycle. And that's nothing ground breaking either". Right...we have to say, John looked a little angry to us, and we're going to need more convincing that his problem isn't with the family.

John's video has even sparked a #NoKardashiansForAWeek movement on Twitter. His response?


We’re not going to lie, we love a bit Kardashian trivia as much as the next person. Kim’s pregnancy looks? NEED to see. We want to be the first to know that baby name, too. Property porn from Kylie’s first mansion, Kendall’s new puppy and those perfectly contoured cheekbones… yes, we'll click on that. Will you?

Do the Kardashians make you feel like this too? Let us know in the box below…

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