En Moi

En Moi

You debuted your short film, En Moi, at Cannes this year. How did you persuade Lara Stone to make her acting debut?
I worked with her on a commercial and she’s such an interesting mix of emotions – very childlike and insecure combined with a powerful energy in front of the camera. I said to myself, one day, I am going to make a film and ask her to be in it. I went to see her and I explained to her what I wanted emotionally; she's the only person who could do it. In the film, she was totally naked. Obviously, it’s not easy to do that and be so emotionally full at the same time. She’s completely photogenic but I could see she was synergetic too, that is, beyond physical, profound and very special.

Did she say ‘yes’ straight away?  
She had to think about it. She was excited but also scared. But that’s what I liked because she was completely the character I was looking for. A scared woman, like a child that you have to protect, it’s what my story tells so she was perfect. She saw the film in Cannes for the very first time. She was so nervous and I said, ‘Don’t worry because I’m here with you and I’m taking care of you.’

Lara Stone at Cannes 2016

There is other female nudity in the film. Why was it important for your story?
The nudity is not nudity with sex or a formatted idea of what it is to be a woman. It’s using nudity like a gun, the kind of nudity that men feel is really powerful.

How important was it for you to make the women look beautiful in your film?
Very - but the men, too. It’s not a kind of superficial beauty. It’s something beyond beauty, something more profound. I like it when both men and women are a mix of masculine and feminine. It’s something about freedom.

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