Lady GaGa's Armani stage wardrobe

Lady GaGa's Armani stage wardrobe

Check out Lady GaGa's high fashion stage costumes signed Giorgio Armani

Lady GaGa has the world of fashion at her feet. The kooky popster, known for her dramatic outfits both on and off  stage (and who could forget the red latex dress she wore to meet the Queen?) is about to embark on the British leg of her Monster's Ball Tour in spectacular style.


Italian fashion supremo Giorgio Armani has been tasked with designing the singer's outfits including this glittering blue leotard with statement shoulders, unveiled for the first time at her Liverpool gig last night.

Armani first worked with GaGa on the silver comet-like dress that she wore to this year's Grammys and in a statement the designer said 'We hear Lady GaGa's music everywhere we go, it is like a soundtrack of our times. In addition to her formidable song writing skills, she is a modern fashion phenomenon.'

Lady GaGa's extravagant wardrobe doesn't stop there… She also wears a custom-made Prada dress during the Monster Ball show. The bespoke gown features an enormous skirt in the style of an 18th century lady, and was created with plastic and jersey all embroidered with a flower motif.

We can't wait to see what she'll pull out of the wardrobe next...

By Pat McNulty


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