Lady Gaga writes song for Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga writes song for Donatella Versace

Lady Gaga has shown her appreciation for friend Donatella Versace by penning a song in her honour…

Fashion and music have collided head-on in Lady Gaga’s latest hit; a song penned in honour of her fashion designer friend, Donatella Versace.


Inspired by the first lady of fashion to pen the tune for her upcoming album Artpop, Gaga told, “The song is an incredible crazy fun pop song with really raising electronic beats that I did with (music producer) Zedd. It's about being a fearless female and not caring what people say about you - being proud of who you are and walking the walk no matter what.”

The singer continued her ode to the fashion designer, adding, “Donatella, maybe she's a b*tch, maybe she's too skinny, maybe she's too rich, maybe she's too out there. Or, maybe she's brilliant, maybe she's intelligent, maybe she's strong, maybe she's everything, maybe she's Donatella."


And it looks like the feeling is mutual, with Donatella responding in kind, releasing a statement saying, "I would like to thank Gaga for her geniality, creativity, incredible talent and super b*tchiness. I am honored to be her friend and of course I love the song!" NL

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