Lady Gaga swaps high end designer for British Graduate!

Lady Gaga swaps high end designer for British Graduate!

Performer Lady Gaga opts for gradate designer Rebecca Short over top labels...

Never one to make a low-key entrance, Lady Gaga's flamboyant fashion never fail to wow. And whether it's edgy McQueen or a unique dress from Haus of Gaga, Lady G's stunning style is almost as world-renowned as her music.

Clearly on the look-out for fresh, new fashion talent, Lady Gaga surprised British fashion graduate Rebecca Short, who showcasing her designs at Graduate Fashion Week, was asked by her ladyship's stylist to borrow a few designs.


Thinking nothing would come from it, Rebecca was amazed when she spotted the singer wearing one of her nude rubber frocks to a press conference in singapore last month. The Birmingham-based designer said: "I was getting all these messages from my friends telling me to look at Twitter as there was a picture on there. It was all so surreal but there it was."


Rebecca is set to auction the dress and hopes to stay in touch with Gaga's stylist, we're sure we'll be hearing more from her soon!

By Annabelle Spranklen

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