Lady GaGa sports her most bizarre headgear yet, a hat made from her own hair

Lady GaGa


We know GaGa isn’t exactly conventional with her looks and in particular what she wears on her head, choosing everything from lace hats and latex face masks to tea cups balanced up there but her latest headwear masterpiece must be the craziest.

The pop star transformed her blonde locks into an elaborate sunhat shaped style hat for an appearance in Las Vegas.


Yes, that’s right, GaGa used her own hair and about a year’s supply of hairspray to create the unique look as she was unveiled as Polaroid’s new Chief Creative Officer during the Consumer Electronics Show.

GaGa teamed her show-stopping hair hat with a black lace dress, vintage shades and platform heels.

During the show, the 23-year-old star announced that she will be creating fashion, technology and photography products which will hit shelves later this year.

With GaGa’s unique sense of style and creative outlook we cannot wait to see what she comes up with.

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By Georgie Hindle