Lady GaGa poses for most daring shoot yet!

Lady GaGa poses for most daring shoot yet!
Markus Klinko & Indrani

Lady GaGa pulls out all the stops in bizarre Hello Kitty shoot

Just when you think Lady GaGa can’t get any more daring, the singer goes and pulls out ALL the stops!

The singer posed for a series of new daring shots to celebrate the 35th birthday of cult brand Hello Kitty.


GaGa can bee seen in a jewel-embellished shell bra and fishnet tights with a Hello Pussy purse slung around her waist.

She can also be seen with a giant red Hello Kitty bow against a gold backdrop with manga cartoon eyes drawn on her eyelids.

But one of the most striking images shows GaGa in a dress made entirely of Hello Kitty cuddly toys.

The images - by celebrated photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani  - will feature on the cover of  the limited-edition re-issue of GaGa's hit album, The Fame.

The Hello Kitty line, by Japanese company Sanrio, includes toys, stationery, clothes, stickers and home appliances.

And now a fab photo shoot with the gorgeous GaGa!

By Ruth Doherty

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