Lady Gaga lists 7th in Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Women!

Lady Gaga lists 7th in Forbes Top 10 Most Powerful Women!

A cultural shake up at Forbes means Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce all make the Top 10 Most Powerful Women.

It’s a list usually dominated by politicians and business figures, but this year Forbes has jazzed things up a bit with Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres, Beyonce and Lady Gaga all featuring in their Top 10 Most Powerful Women.

With a change in assessment strategy, basing their rankings ‘less on traditional titles and roles and more on creative influence and entrepreneurship’, Forbes named Lady Gaga 7th Most Powerful Woman, closely followed by fellow songstress Beyonce at number nine.

And we reckon it’s a deserved ranking. With record statistics including most followed tweeter (pipping Britney to the post back in August), most downloaded tune in the history of UK digital music with Poker Face, and first artist to have their music videos watched one billion times online, Lady Gaga’s certainly got some people power.

Not to mention her command of attention at every appearance with those show stopping outfits and outrageous antics, Lady G works hard for her fame and fans, and more recently for Gay rights, in a suit, tie and geek-chic glasses no less.


First Lady Michelle Obama hit the number one spot, with her earnings listed as the US national budget of $3.5 trillion. However, by the end of her world tour of Monster’s Ball (pictured in a tour costume), Lady Gaga will have raked in $200 million.

A tidy sum for a stylish little Lady, good work Gaga!


By Sarah Smith

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