Ryan Gosling Dancing? Everything You Need To Know About Movie La La Land

Ryan Gosling Dancing? Everything You Need To Know About Movie La La Land

La La Land promises to be the best movie musical ever... we cannot wait!

La La Land is probably going to be one of the biggest movie releases in years, and there's good reason why everyone is talking about it right now. The cast, the release date, and the amount of Oscars it could potentially scoop next year are all hot topics of La La Land conversation, and now that La La Land has made it's premiere at the Venice Film Festival, it appears that we finally might get an idea of what the movie is all about. So, what do we know about La La Land so far? Let's take a sneaky peek...

La La Land release date - when can we watch this movie?
The La La Land release date for the UK is reportedly the 13th January 2017, so yes, quite a long wait. Sad face.

La La Land cast - who is starring in the movie?
La La Land stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling (we know, literally the dream) as aspiring actres Mia and jazz-obsessed musician Sebastian. Reunited after starring together in 2011's Crazy Stupid Love, it's clear that the two have a powerful onscreen chemistry. And the dancing is pretty amazing too. Oh, did we mention John Legend is also starring.

Dancing? So what is La La Land about?
La La Land heralds the return of the movie musical, a genre that directors have tentitively experimented with in the decades since the golden age of big budget musical cinema. Yes, Baz Luhrmann has tried his hand at the modern musical (Moulin Rouge), and of course movie adaptations of existing musicals such as Mama Mia have done well at the box office, but La La Land promises to be something entirely different. Plus, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling dancing together? It's just too much...

La La Land trailer - is there a trailer I can watch right now?
La La Land has been teased out with trailers, teaser trailers, and one 'official' trailer. We expect more as the year goes on. We'll keep you posted.

Who is directing La La Land?
La La Land is being directed by Whiplash director-writer Damien Chazelle, who has directed the film based on his own script. And yes, Whiplash did win an Oscar. It's safe to say La La Land could be heading the same way.

So there you have it. What we know about new musical La La Land in a tidy online nutshell. Be sure to pop back for La La updates...

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