Why Did Kylie Jenner's New Dog Cost $50 000?

Why Did Kylie Jenner's New Dog Cost $50 000?

That's a large amount of money for one dog - even if you're a Kardashian

Though she's only 18, Kylie Jenner has ticked off plenty of extravagant bucket list purchases already. There's the 4900 square foot Calabasas pad in Los Angeles, with its polished wooden floors, chandelier 'glam room' and eight-shelf shoe closet. Then there's the $320 000 Ferrari  - apparently a birthday gift from boyfriend Tyga - and of course the ever-expanding wardrobe stuffed with Celine, Balenciaga and Balmain. 

But the clothes, house and car all pale into insignificance when you compare them to her latest, um, acquisition. 

Kylie and Tyga are now the proud owners of a rare English Bulldog worth (drum roll please) $50 000 - or £32 000. Named Rolly, the bulldog has a prized spotted 'merle' coat and was a gift from Jeremy Greene, CEO of app PingTank. 

The pair appeared to poke fun at the dog's outrageous price tag when they introduced Rolly to the world in a Snapchat video titled '50K.'

So why did Rolly cost so much? English Bulldogs are actually one of the most expensive dog breeds to buy and own, up there with Tibetan Mastiffs and Samoyeds. The average up-front cost of a bulldog puppy is around £900, but particularly rare pups (like Kylie's) can cost more than ten times that. 

The main reason English Bulldog puppies cost so much is their intensive breeding process. They usually have to be artificially inseminated - as they have trouble mating on their own - are born by C-section and then have to be hand-fed for the first six weeks. High maintenance? Yep. 

The popularity of English Bulldogs has shot up in recent years, with celebrity owners including David and Victoria Beckham (who have a bulldog called Coco), Brad Pitt and John Legend. 

Kylie already has two Italian Greyhounds, Norman and Bambi, so 'Big Dollar' Rolly will have plenty of company. 

And though his 50k price is pretty outrageous, he's a bargain when compared to the most expensive dog ever sold - a Tibetan Mastiff (like the one below) who was bought last year for £1.2 million


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